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Courtroom Drawings

Drew Peterson pretrial hearing, Joliet, IL; January 2010

Former IL Governor Rod Blagojevich in US District Court

Former IL Governor George Ryan on trial in US District Court

R&B star R. Kelly on trial in Cook County Criminal Court, 2008

R. Kelly trial, Cook County Criminal Court, 2008

Media magnate Lord Conrad Black on trial in US District Court

Chicago Bears football star Brian Urlacher testifies for Bears player “Tank” Johnson in Cook County Criminal Court

A typical sentencing in Cook County Criminal Court

A civil hearing before Judge James Zagel in U.S. District Court, Chicago

Last day of the R. Kelly trial, 2008

Oprah Winfrey performs jury duty at a murder trial in Chicago, 2008

Rita Crundwell, Treasurer of Dixon IL and perpetrator of the largest municipal fraud in US history ($53.7 million), pleads guilty to embezzlement in US District Court, Rockford IL, 2012

Then-property magnate Donald Trump, sued over a real estate contract, testifies in his defense. Federal court, Chicago, 2010

Retired basketball star Michael Jordan sues a grocery chain in federal court over trademark violations, Chicago, 2010

Retired Chicago Alderman Ed "Council Wars" Vrdolyak answers to federal tax fraud charges, 2016

R. Kelly bond hearing on new charges, February 23, 2019

Chicago Alderman Edward Burke answers to extortion charges in federal court, 2019. Burke was Alderman Vrdolyak's co-leader in the racially-charged 'Council Wars' against Mayor Harold Washington in the 1980s

Speaker Dennis Hastert pleads guilty to money-laundering in Federal court in Chicago, 2015

Prosecutorial closing argument, Sycamore IL

An argument before the Illinois District Appellate Court in the landmark courthouse (built 1860), Ottawa, IL